mountain musings

  1. How BYU Changed My Life

    Afer four years studying at Brigham Young University, I've finished my Bachelor's Degree and am getting ready to pursue a Master's Degree. Here are some reflections of my experience.

  2. Saving the Great Salt Lake

    The Great Salt Lake is on the brink of disappearing and something needs to be done. That something should not be offending the lawmakers who have the ability to pass legislation that could actually save the lake.

  3. Impacts of Climate Change in America

    Here's a paper that I wrote on this semester and will continue to expand and edit during the first several months of 2023. The format of the paper required me to choose a specific locality so I chose the United States because of the impact we have on continuing the change. It is also important to recognize that climate change negatively affects every person on the planet.

  4. Alternative Solutions for Utah Lake–Round Two!

    I had a lot of fun writing the first batch of alternative solutions for Utah Lake so I decided to do it again! This one was inspired by the Great Salt Lake Issues Forum that I attended.

  5. Standing with Ukraine

    My thoughts on Putin's invasion of Ukraine. For the sake of these great people, let us work to root out injustice and evil from our society

  6. Alternative Solutions for Utah Lake

    The Onion style article for solving Utah Lake's problems

  7. The Problem with Sustainability

    What does sustainability really mean? What is it that we want to sustain? Definitely not the status quo. So perhaps the thing that we really ought to be figuring out is what we need to change rather than how we can keep life the same.

  8. Lakefront Metropolis or Lakebed Disaster?

    With the natural ecosystem of Utah Lake threatened by developers, we must take action to preserve this precious resource. Here is a brief overview of the situation with several things that you can do to get involved.

  9. A Climate Modest Proposal

    Inspired by Jonathon Swift's "A Modest Proposal", here is a satirical proposition that rather than resisting climate change we embrace it and work to accelerate the warming of the globe. There is a lot that can be done so it is time to get to work!

  10. Recreational Wellness

    Nature has a lot to teach us, start learning from it

  11. Finding Greater Meaning in Plant Identification

    Plants are pretty cool, I'd recommend learning more about them

  12. Be Prepared

    An exposition on being prepared, it's pretty important

  13. Environmental Sustainability

    The world is our playground, let's stop breaking it

  14. Re-Creation

    Recreation is more than just an activity that we participate in, it is meant to be something that changes us. By understanding how our experiences with the natural world can change us it helps us plan and prepare to "recreate" ourselves.

  15. Introduction

    Welcome to Backcountry Basics, this is an introduction

  16. Fire

    Fire is something that we have all seen but often take for granted. There is a lot that we can learn from fire if we take the time to observe it.

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