1. Great Basin Birthday

    I've been to a lot of National Parks in the west, but one that had escaped my attention was Great Basin National Park. That is, until a very close friend told me about it and we planned a trip.

  2. White Rim Adventures

    My experience biking on the White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park. It was really hard but also incredibly awesome. 10/10 would recommend but make sure that you are actually in good enough shape to bike around 100 miles.

  3. MLK Day Adventures

    When life gives you a day off you may as well make the most of it! I did this through a long day in southeastern Utah. We explored among the goblins and rappelled into one of their caves.

  4. Santa in a Canoe?!

    Santa is usually depicted as a fat bearded man in a red suit with flying reindeer, but what if that narrative were to change? Here's my experience as Santa this winter at work.

  5. Why I Summit Mountains

    Hiking is hard, hiking up mountains is even harder. Why do I (and many others) still do it? I blaim it on a condition that I like to call mountain amnesia.

  6. Biking, Hiking, and Canyoneering in Southern Utah

    A three day escapade in the mountains of southern Utah. It turns out that there's a lot to do down there, I'd definitely recommend spending some time exploring the area to anyone interested in doing exciting things.

  7. Adventures in Alaska Basin

    The Teton mountain range of western Wyoming is world-renowned for its unique peaks and unparalleled views. Most people explore the area from the east side in Grand Teton National Park, but the lesser-known west side also holds many incredible meadows, valleys, peaks, and lakes accessible only on foot.

  8. Adventures in the Subway

    A canyoneering adventure through the Zion Subway. How the moon opened up an opportunity of awesome adventure.

  9. I Camped Inside a Volcano!

    Backpacking trip through Craters of the Moon. This definitely isn't clickbait, I legitimately slept in the middle of a volcanic crater. It definitely wasn't active, but it was not too long ago geologically speaking.

  10. Cabin Ski Trip

    Cabins are one of my favorite places to hang out, especially during the winter. There is something about the heat of a wood stove warming you up that can’t be beaten. And being able to have incredible views out my window as the first thing I see each morning is a real treat.

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